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Bob Garner knows how to attract a crowd to your booth and deliver your message in an entertaining and memorable way.

As a
corporate trade show presenter, Bob does more than just stand in your booth and talk. He engages the audience and creatively mixes your sales and marketing message with jaw-dropping entertainment.

Plus, Bob actually separates the qualified attendees from the unqualified attendees and then gets the qualified attendees to step into your booth and talk to your reps. Have you ever seen a trade show narrator, a trade show presenter or an actor doing a skit provide that?

In short, Bob helps your booth be the "BUZZ" at the trade show AND increases your ROI.  He will help you garner more quality leads, which boosts your ROI. He will help make your exhibit, as well as your messaging more memorable and empowering to attendees.

Take a quick look at corporate trade show presenter and
trade show magician Bob Garner's video:

That's the power of using trade show presenter Bob Garner in your exhibit!

If you're tired of trade show presenters who are just talking heads rattling off a script - or even worse - actors who "think" they are being funny performing silly skits or celebrity rip-offs, you're not alone. So, are the attendees who go to trade shows.

They enjoy being entertained, but they also appreciate learning about your product or service. That's why Bob Garner is the number one draw for your booth and one of the most respected trade show presenters in the business. Bob is more than the standard trade show presenter you see standing in a booth and he doesn't act out skits or do "goofy" magic tricks like most trade show magicians.

As a trade show mind reader, Bob creatively blends your message with sophisticated entertainment and then actually gets attendees to walk into the booth for more information. And if you need to get attendees to sit in seats to listen to your experts deliver a technical presentation, Bob will do that just, as well.

"The Wall Street Journal" recognized Bob as a solution for lackluster trade show results and so do Bob's clients who repeatedly use him to help them create a "BUZZ" at their trade shows.  See for yourself...

Multiple Year Client Confirms Bob Delivers

Client Confirms 1 in 20 Leads Go to Contract

Confirmed Double Traffic & Leads Converted

So, if you want to go beyond the typical trade show presenter and you want your booth and your message to "stand out from the crowd," you need to bring in Bob Garner.

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