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trade show presenter who is just a talking head can be boring. Additionally, they require trade show presenter
a theatre style exhibit - which costs a lot of money - and  then when they are done with their presentation, most attendees just walk away. Also, many actors try to deliver corny scripts or impersonate celebrities and they always fall short of the mark.

Instead, as a trade show presenter who is a 
trade show magician, Bob Garner will deliver your key messages using a very small footprint - saving you quite a bit of money - and then actually get the qualified buyers to step into your booth to talk to your reps.

That's right! Bob actually separates the qualified attendees from the unqualified attendees and then gets the qualified attendees to walk INTO YOUR BOOTH for more discussions with your reps. As mentioned before, have you ever seen a trade show narrator or actor doing a silly skit provide that?

What does all this mean for you as a trade show or event manager? You get an exciting and entertaining deliver of your messaging, you save money on trade show costs and you get your reps talking to real customers.

Bottom Line: A higher ROI.

As a
magician for trade shows, Bob goes beyond what others offer. No goofy tricks or endless "pick a card" tricks like most trade show magicians, Bob is a trade show mentalist whose sophisticated demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, combined with clean humor and audience interaction, help your booth AND YOUR MESSAGE stand out in the attendee's minds.

If you want to create a "BUZZ" about your booth and what you have to offer at your next show, do you really think a standard 
trade show presenter can do that? Do you believe that silly skits or impersonating actors can do that? Trade show mind reader Bob Garner can help you do that as he has been providing that service to corporations worldwide for many years.

Here are just a few comments about trade show presenter and trade show magician Bob Garner:

"I sincerely enjoyed working with have an amazing talent and a tremendous personality and I think any company or organization would be crazy not to engage you for their event. Not only do you mesmerize the crowd, but your segue into the 'pitch' was smooth and conveyed with enthusiasm and complete understanding...our own Business Development people could learn a lot from you." - Northrop Grumman, multiple bookings.

I have utilized ‘booth talent’ in the past and have never really been satisfied that they do much to generate quality leads.  However, Bob Garner is very different and effective.  He helped us to create a major buzz throughout the SIR with ‘mind-reading’ and magic.  He is funny and entertaining and so he attracts a huge crowd. However, he doesn’t stop there. During his presentation, he shares our message, pre-qualifies the attendees who are watching his presentation, and literally drops these pre-qualified attendees into the hands of our sales team. Additionally, Bob delivered his pre-show sales training program to our sales reps, and they used his ideas and tips on the floor with amazing success.  Because of him, we generate not just a high number of leads, but highly qualified leads even when the show floor is quiet.  We have also noticed a clear spike in sales following the SIR.  I sincerely recommend Bob Garner." - Cardinal Health Interventional Specialties, multiple bookings

"Bob Garner always helps us create a huge buzz at our shows. He draws the attendees to our booth, delivers our message mixed with amazing mindreading and comedy, and then leads the attendees right into our booth. If you want excitement, energy and leads from your trade dollars, Bob Garner is the best investment that you can make. You get more than your money's worth, when you use Bob!" - Healthport Inc. multiple bookings.

Are you ready to move beyond the typical trade show presenter?

Watch Bob's 
trade show magician video here.

Give Bob a call at 805-534-1576.

For more testimonials or information on trade show presenter and trade show mind reader Bob Garner, go to his official site at